I’ve learned this week.

This week learned me.

About lemonade, jim, willy and modern

day picnics. The distance of friends

and the chaos of silence or rage

that turns into hashtags of everything

Monday and Tuesday avoiding the hump.

Forgotten news. Forgotten names.

Power of songs sung and screamed.
Legends hung.

Haunt of the drum. Sleepless full moons.  

Inherited boxes on hillside. Entertainment news.

Safety and growth stunted

for sake of your comfort and violent shenanigans.

lack of love for the culture you “love”.

Light, brown, dark, midnight I love you!

I love you. I love your humanity, divinity, justice and freedom.

The dance in your walk.

Dedicated, syncopated rhythm of your future now

Love that doesn’t apologize, compromise, midnight 1up north disguise.

Ancestral wise. I love you!

But let me hip you. New rituals. You dig?!

No more glorifying the struggle.

Profit off the struggle. I say new rituals.

from shame to gratitude.

from silence to premeditated calculated progression

from hate to unconditional fierce love

from death to everlasting life

stress to patience

ignorance to understanding

bloodshed to accountability with a conscious

hastiness to specific, sharp prayers

despair to bright tomorrows

struggle to ease.

Clear, fierce, bright, full of life and light our tomorrow.

I’ve learned this week.

This week learned me.

Read me.

This week learned me real good.

Read me. Read me. Read me. History me.

Changed me.

Uncomfortable for me.

From my tiny box to yours.

Written and performed by - Joseph Webb
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